Olympics 2012

posted by admin on June 13, 2012

Looking back on a few very successful months, Philip was given the chance to compete at the Olympics.

Being man-one in Team-Sprint, he will ride alongside Sir Chris Hoy and Jason Kenny.

Shane Sutton, GB head coach, mentions:

“Philip is the find of the century as far as I’m concerned and he could follow the same course as Jason, […]”

“Philip has really moved on since the worlds. He’s very dialled, very focused. He’s got leaner, he’s been living like a podium athlete for the last few months and when he tapers he will go faster than in Melbourne for sure. It’s incredible the way he has applied himself, above and beyond the call of duty.

He’s always been strong over the first half lap, his strength has been what he produces between a quarter and a half. His delivery [the ability to release the man following him in the three-man team sprint line-up] hasn’t been great but he’s young and he’s moving on at a rapid pace.”

You will find a more detailed article at guardian.co.uk and of course at britishcycling.co.uk


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